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IS would be fools not to use refugees as cover, especially after Merkel’s unilateral opening of the borders.

I think he spoke well and is clearly a super smart guy. Zepps—who was obviously frustrated with his guest's bloviating—read part of an email Sam Harris had just sent him. It doesn't matter. – As bad as anyone ‘who’ exactly? In full panic mode, his emotions have reached such a crescendo that rational thought now eludes him. SUE ME!!! He's a little out of his league, bless his soul. You can listen to The Godless Spellchecker Podcast here, and support it by becoming a patron here. It is quite depressing - he is essentially just shouting "bigot" repeatedly and brought up the Bill Maher/Ben Affleck event. The whole "There was no rationality behind Hitler" argument is complete bull. I couldn’t finish the Zepps podcast.

As you can see, Kindler has not actually read any of Harris’s work either: A few people have have told me they think the following exchange during the conversation is in reference to me: Kindler: “I’ve never seen more disgusting people in my life than the people who follow Sam Harris.

Neither men were interested in this endeavour, but Kindler was available to … You are racist! The "Muslim Reformers are willing to do what's necessary to make white, atheist, Sam Harris happy.

My thoughts are that Kindler is an excellent comedy writer with a fantastic portfolio of brilliant work in his wake.

He really has a freakish obsession. I'm serious, he's equally dishonest, equally buffonish.

Podcast host Josh Zepps, having previously hosted both Sam Harris and Andy Kindler on his show separately, extended an invitation to both men to discuss this ‘spat’ together on his show. Nikki Haley condemns Russia at the UN and we breakdown why. Well, probably not, but he’s up there, along with a load of other dishonest, abusive, Islamist apologists. They actually weren't particularly theist, not to a greater extent than they needed to to not lose political capital (just like today's politicians).The ideas of corporativism, single party unified power, nationalism as a response to internationalist communism, aggresive economical colonialism, the massive growth of the State to be the main driver of capital investment were all secular, modern ideas that all were to some extent deployed elsewhere (except corporativism and single-partidism, you can again trace analogous developments in the US). I was thinking Sargon if Akkad…but who knows? Ep#164 – Andrew Doyle – Intersectional Activism, Knight Tube: Rose Of Dawn on Trans Activism, Ep#163 – Brendan O’Neill – Identity Politics. Nobody cares.". You are a bigot!”.

In regards to his political ideology, there was very much a rational, secular component to totalitarianism.

Kindler told everyone that he was a “good person” who hates prejudice. have been speaking out against.

Stephen Knight is host of The #GSPodcast.

He sounds as funny as Dean Obeidallah.

Are Students Required To Accept Islam Is A Religion Of Peace? I still win. I think until he gets it, he should simply be itnored. One I presume that people in this subreddit may actually like is the first part of Hannah Arendt's "The Origins of Totalitarianism". And then the inevitable happened. The BBC Thinks So.. Did Glenn Greenwald And The Guardian Just Get Spectacularly Trolled?

", "Is it free will if I never read anything you write or recommend? That was their strategy even before they started losing ground in the Caliphate.

An analysis of Kindler’s Twitter account reveals that Harris and his fellow New Atheist Bill Maher are his two most mentioned Twitter users, and that “bigot” is one of his favorite words. But I cannot be certain he is talking about me and since I’m blocked by Kindler on Twitter, I’m unlikely to receive confirmation. I just listened to EP79 of #wethepeoplelive.

The comedian admitted he didn't know enough about Islam to make any real arguments, which is why he relies on Aslan, who regularly presents a whitewashed version of his own religion.

Neither men were interested in this endeavour, but Kindler was available to appear solo to outline his ‘criticism’ of Sam Harris. When Zepps had finished reading the email, he asked Kindler for his response. 12:40. If at the end of the day you’re going to vote for Trump, you are the enemy to me.

“The whole idea that you need a white atheist guy to interpret the Qur'an for you, that's what I object to, he said. The US in this case is lucky as there is an ocean between it and Syria. Kindler: “No, it’s like a God….umm….he was actually banned off of Twitter once, but these people are so hateful”. That’s my opinion of you”. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This takes a lot of energy.” Kindler responded, “The man who says Islam is the mother lode of bad ideas likes to pretend he's not a bigot.”. Andy Kindler has a very black and white point of view, however, and he is clearly not interested in nuance.

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