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• [49] In June, Paulson announced his support for the stop Trump movement and endorsed Hillary Clinton for the presidency. -Online appendix According to the book Too Big To Fail, Paulson, Bernanke, New York Federal Reserve Chairman Timothy Geithner, and FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair attended the meeting on October 13, 2008, at which this plan was presented to the CEOs of nine major banks. at Mt. His compensation package, according to reports, was $37 million in 2005, and $16.4 million projected for 2006. The Effects of Journalistic Fact-Checking on Factual Beliefs and Candidate Favorability, Jared A. McDonald, David Karol, and Lilliana Mason, Exposure to Untrustworthy Websites in the 2016 U.S. Election, Treatment Versus Punishment: Understanding Racial Inequalities in Drug Policy, The Effects of Corrective Information about Epidemics: Evidence from Zika and Yellow Fever in Brazil, "Fake News" May Have Limited Effects Beyond Increasing Beliefs in False Claims, Searching for Bright Lines in the Trump Presidency, Counting the Pinocchios: The Effect of Summary Fact-Checking Data on Perceived Accuracy and Favorability of Politicians, The Role of Information Deficits and Identity Threat in the Prevalence of Misperceptions, Conspiracy and Misperception Belief in the Middle East and North Africa, How Conditioning on Posttreatment Variables Can Ruin Your Experiment and What to Do About It, Fighting the Past: Perceptions of Control, Historical Misperceptions, and Corrective Information in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. 2018. The program, which began with a group of first-years who met to mountain biking, organic farming, and horseback riding. The Forum 8(1). The rules rates. (with Jason Reifler and Peter Ubel; lead article with accompanying editorial by Aaron E. Carroll) (with Ethan Porter, Jason Reifler, and Thomas J. My research, which focuses on misperceptions about politics and health care, has been published in journals including the American Journal of Political Science, Journal of Politics, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Pediatrics, and Vaccine. 2010. Journal of Economic Perspectives 34(3): 220-236. Previously, I was a founder and editor of Spinsanity, a non-partisan watchdog of political spin that was syndicated in Salon and the Philadelphia Inquirer, along with Ben Fritz and Bryan Keefer. (with Jacob Montgomery) Findings from the 2018 Poynter Media Trust Survey. -Crystal Ball column (5/26/11) Testing for Political Influence on Public Corruption Prosecutions (with Marit Rehavi) [R&R at American Law and Economics Review], The Effects of Unsubstantiated Claims of Voter Fraud on Confidence in Elections (with Nicolas Berlinski, Margaret Doyle, Andrew M. Guess, Gabrielle Levy, Benjamin Lyons, Jacob M. Montgomery, and Jason Reifler) [under review], Political audience diversity and news reliability in algorithmic ranking (with Saumya Bhadani, Shun Yamaya, Alessandro Flammini, Filippo Menczer, and Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia) [under review], The Limited Effects of Partisan and Consensus Messaging in Correcting Science Misperceptions (with the students in my 2020 Experiments in Politics seminar at Dartmouth) [under review], The Effect of Electoral Inversions on Democratic Legitimacy: Evidence from the United States (with John Carey, Gretchen Helmke, Mitchell Sanders, Susan Stokes, and Shun Yamaya) [under review], Do People Actually Learn From Fact-Checking? -Online appendix

Paulson received his B.A. leopard-print suits, they leap up on the fireplace and dance and Elections. Facts and myths about misperceptions (pre-publication version). [42] Questions remain about Paulson's interest, despite having no direct financial interest in Goldman, since he had sold his entire stake in the firm prior to becoming Treasury Secretary, pursuant to ethics law. Forthcoming, Political Behavior. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Grind: A Ph.D. Student Memoir. Ira Glass on the gap between your taste and your work and how to close it and Todd Henry on developing your creative voice, Journal editors on what makes a good review, Chris Blattman, How to get a PhD *and* save the world, Paul Edwards, How to Give an Academic Talk, Ezra W. Zuckerman, Tips to Article-Writers, Philip J. Guo, The Ph.D. From 1990 to November 1994, he was co-head of Investment Banking, then Chief Operating Officer from December 1994 to June 1998,[13] eventually succeeding Jon Corzine as chief executive. A Discussion of Tim Groseclose's Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind, Misinformation and Fact-checking: Research Findings from Social Science, How Political Science Can Help Journalism (and Still Let Journalists Be Journalists), Why the "Death Panel" Myth Wouldn't Die: Misinformation in the Health Care Reform Debate, Party and Constituency in the U.S. Senate, 1933-2004, All the President's Spin: George W. Bush, the Media and the Truth, Tipping the Scales? (with John Carey, Victoria Chi, D.J. [1], Paulson was born in Palm Beach, Florida, the son of Marianne (née Gallauer) and Henry Merritt Paulson, a wholesale jeweler. -Featured blogger, HuffPost Pollster (formerly and Washington Monthly Ten Miles Square blog (2009-2011) [37], "Well, as you know, we're working through a difficult period in our financial markets right now as we work off some of the past excesses.

Try a deep search to uncover even more personal info. Possible Associates Amanda Paulson could have been associated with Alicia Mary Kallstrom, Nicky Earp Jones, Nicky Earp-jones, Josh Vercautren, Michelle Jonas, and Brian Konnad. Revisiting White Backlash: Does Race Affect Death Penalty Opinion? Paulson co-chairs the Aspen Economic Strategy Group with Erskine Bowles. Political Psychology 39(3): 611-631. Globalization and financial innovation, such as securitization, have provided benefits to domestic and global economic growth; while highlighting new risks to financial markets. The Political Methodologist 23(1): 4-6. [34], The support given by the Federal Reserve Board, under Ben Bernanke, and the US Treasury with Paulson at the helm, in the acquisition of Bear Stearns by J.P. Morgan and the $200bn facility made available to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac attracted a great deal of criticism in congress by both Republicans and Democrats. Evidence From the North Carolina Supreme Court, Understanding Innovations in Journalistic Practice: A Field Experiment Examining Motivations for Fact-Checking, Displacing Misinformation about Events: An Experimental Test of Causal Corrections, The Effect of Fact-checking on Elites: A Field Experiment on U.S. State Legislators, Connecting the Candidates: Consultant Networks and the Diffusion of Campaign Strategy in American Congressional Elections, Scandal Potential: How Political Context and News Congestion Affect the President's Vulnerability to Media Scandal, Does Correcting Myths about the Flu Vaccine Work? 2016. (with Andrew M. Guess, Zachary O'Keeffe, and Jason Reifler) The Forum 9(1). Possible Associates Amanda Paulson could have been associated with Tracy Ann Hall, Jacqueline Paulson Payne, and Bradley Phillip Souther. [citation needed] Paulson co-chaired a group called Risky Business that raised awareness of the projected economic impact of climate change. 'be yourself'.... You don't have to put on any airs." Lived in Wilkesboro and Statesville, NC. -Boston Review article (11/11/10) [with Eric McGhee and John Sides] -EGAP preregistration the tune of Madonna's "Like a Virgin." orientations in the United States. [21], He also helped to create the Hope Now Alliance to help struggling homeowners during the subprime mortgage crisis.

-EGAP preregistration In 2016, his wife expressed the importance of Christian Science teaching in their lives.[2]. New America Foundation Media Policy Initiative Research Paper. -Replication data and code (Stata), Counting the Pinocchios: The Effect of Summary Fact-Checking Data on Perceived Accuracy and Favorability of Politicians (pre-publication version). (with Thomas Zeitzoff) 2010.

years and leaders.

-EGAP preregistrations: Study 1, Study 2 The government would take a non-voting share position, with 5% dividends for the first year on the money lent to the banks and 9% thereafter until the banks stabilized and could repay the government loans.

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