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Before applying the tea, put on some old clothes. Adding a cup of alfalfa meal two times a month to worm bins will boost worm activity. If you have used cubes, you may have to stir more than once a day. The tea can be brewed in small batches in a pail or bucket, or can be brewed in quantity in a large drum or trash can.

About alfalfa

* Manganese 30-200 ppm There are several ways to brew alfalfa tea. Finally, we’ve got Greenway Biotech’s alfalfa product. * Isoleucine, 0.8% At recommended rates alfalfa works wonders on roses but it can be overused causing adverse effects.Alfalfa Tea: Put one cup alfalfa meal in a 5 gallon bucket. Apply the tea once per month in the spring and summer. It is low in fiber and high in energy when cut prior to early bloom, and is an excellent source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Plants that are fed alfalfa tea often have a greatly expanded root system over untreated specimens. This will promote more rapid breakdown making alfalfa’s nutrients and growth stimulant more readily available to your plants. As early as 490 B.C. Fill bucket with water, let it sit from 1 to 4 days. Search Library Topics      Search Newspaper Columns. Apply generously to the root area of shrubs and flowers or use as a foliar spray after straining the solids out. * Histidine, 0.4% Out of every livestock feed available, alfalfa produces the greatest amount of protein per acre.

ue to its high nitrogen to carbon ratio and protein content, a. Amending Soil: Work 2-5 lbs. It is used primarily as a hay crop and is a primary component in dairy cattle rations and feed for horses, beef cattle, sheep, and milk goats. 1 T. organic alfalfa meal. Azomite (minerals and trace elements).
This is just a sign of fermentation and it is not harmful to your product. * Thiamine Reduce or eliminate the Epsom salts in later batches.

* Arginine, 1.1%, Minerals (contained in dry alfalfa): Alfalfa Tea Alfalfa meal and hay used for mulch contain vitamin A, folic acid, trace minerals and the growth hormone “tricontanol.” Use at 25 pounds per 1,000 square feet or 400-800 pounds per acre. *1 - 4 cups Earthworm Castings or mature compost, *1-2 tbsp. Alfalfa meal will breakdown in garden soil more rapidly than pellets or cubes. Fish emulsion is a fertilizer made from fish byproducts. For best results brew for 6 - 12 hours with active aeration. It also includes sugars, starches, proteins, fiber and 16 amino acids. * Niacin Since it is more beneficial to bacteria than to fungi, if you have had problems with an excess of mushrooms or other fungi in your biologically active beds, using alfalfa can diminish their levels somewhat. In general, all dry alfalfa products should be mixed into the soil. It can be mixed and applied without a brew cycle. Alfalfa is a good source of vitamins A and B; Folic acids, sugars, starches, crude proteins, fiber, and 16 amino acids such as tricontanol, a natural fatty-acid growth stimulant. * Boron 20-80 ppm

The longer it brews, the better it is but the worse it will smell. Photo Right - Alfalfa tea can be made from meal, pellets or hay, it can be used by spraying directly on the plant as a foliar spray or as a liquid fertilizer around the base of all types of vegetable plants. For repeat flowering plants apply after the first flush of flowers to encourage the next flush of blooms. However, it was not widely grown in this country until the California Gold Rush of 1849. * Phosphorus .3 – .7% Because it is known to improve soil structure (tilth) and control weeds in subsequent crops, alfalfa is an integral component of many crop rotation plans. * Sulphur .2 – .5 %

Used as a soil amendment, alfalfa meal will help to will help to re-energize your soils potential, increase organic matter in the soil and is a valuable plant-derived organic fertilizer. Good for all flowering plants.
The longer it brews, the better it is but the worse it will smell. Alfalfa meal is also an excellent addition to compost piles serving as a source of nitrogen. Place 24 cups of alfalfa pellets or cubes in the barrel and fill it with water. Alfalfa is very high in vitamins, plus N-P-K-Ca, Mg, and other valuable minerals. Alfalfa was important to the early Babylonian cultures and to the Persians, Greeks, and Romans because of its importance for feeding horses used in war.

Keep the lid on tight to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

The pellets are virtually dust free and can be applied without the alfalfa dust getting into your lungs. Existing Plants: Mix 1/2 to 1 cup of Alfalfa Meal to a depth of 4-6 inches. * Folic Acid

Alfalfa is inexpensive and can be found at local feed or pet stores. It has a very high yield potential compared to other forage crops. * Serine, 1.0% * Glycine, 1.1% * Leucine, 1.6% * Aspartic Acid, 2.3%

You do not want to encourage this new growth that could be burned by an early frost. The result will be a thick tea. Fish Hydrolysate or fish emulsion: Fish by-products are high in nutrients. Roses and most flowering plants respond especially well to alfalfa meal. * Valine, 1.0%

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