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[130] In Kenya, "an AK-47 fetches five head of cattle (about 10,000 Kenya shillings or 100 U.S. dollars) when offered for barter, but costs almost half that price when cash is paid". In: Zajtchuk R, ed. When these training rounds are used, the barrel of the gun is fitted at the muzzle with a Blank Fire Adapter to produce a gas pressure build-up for cycling the gun, as well as a breakup aid for their plastic projectiles.[22]. [45][48], Most, if not all, of the 7.62×39mm ammunition found today is of the upgraded M67 variety. Conversely, throughout the developing world, the AK-47 can be positively attributed with revolutionaries against foreign occupation, imperialism, or colonialism. Any errors in range estimation are tactically irrelevant, as a well-aimed shot will hit the torso of the enemy soldier.

[131] There are places around the world where AK type weapons can be purchased on the black market "for as little as $6, or traded for a chicken or a sack of grain". The Small Arms Survey suggest that "between 70 and 100 million of these weapons have been produced since 1947".

In May 2008 the Smith & Wesson M&P15R was introduced. The gas block contains a gas channel that is installed at a slanted angle in relation to the bore axis. The AK-47 was designed to be a cheap, simple, easy to manufacture rifle,[72] perfectly matching Soviet military doctrine that treats equipment and weapons as disposable items. M214 (pistol), Palmetto State Armory: PSAK-47 (AKM var.

They were utilized in the Cambodian Civil War and the Cambodian–Vietnamese War. The "point-blank range" battle zero setting "П" standing for постоянная (constant) on the 7.62×39mm AK-47 rear tangent sight element corresponds to a 300 m (328 yd) zero. Barrel and chamber are chrome plated to resist corrosion. Whether you want to see reviews and product specifications for Arsenal AK SBRs or read up on why 5.56 AK rifles have become so popular, our useful articles will keep you informed. [27][28] This city is in the Ural Region of Russia. 2504 Auburn Way N. Magpul Zhukov-S Stock, AK47/AK74 - MAG585 . From .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO to .300 blackout, 9mm and … In contrast, the Russians and Chinese used the AK-47; its low production cost and ease of manufacture allow them to make AKs in vast numbers. [7] Most organs and tissue were too flexible to be severely damaged by the temporary cavity effect caused by yaw and cavitation of a projectile. Early ballistics tests demonstrated a pronounced tumbling effect with high speed cameras. Table data covers the AK-47 with Type 3 receiver. rulings producing a maximal pressure of 302.7 MPa (43,900 psi) and keeps their qualities under various climatic and weather conditions independent of the season and at a temperature range from −50 to 50 °C (−58 to 122 °F). [55][56] This contributes to the AK-47 magazine being more reliable, but makes it heavier than U.S. and NATO magazines. side-folding buttstock); AKKMS (AKMS), AKKN-47 (fittings for NPSU night sights); AK-47M1 (Type 3 with black polymer furniture); MPi-K/MPi-KS (AK-47/AKS); MPi-KM (AKM; wooden and plastic stock), MPi-KMS-72 (side-folding stock), MPi-KMS-K (carbine); MPi-AK-74N (AK-74), MPi-AKS-74N (side-folding stock), MPi-AKS-74NK (carbine); KK-MPi Mod.69 (. believed this bullet was designed to tumble in flesh to increase wounding potential. : Weapon Collection and Small Arms Availability in the Republic of Congo", "Centrafrique : le Soudan a-t-il armé les ex-Séléka ? [25][26] "Early in 1944, Kalashnikov was given some 7.62×39mm M43 cartridges and informed that there were several designers working on weapons for this new Soviet small-arms cartridge. ), Arsenal Inc: SA M-7 (AK-47 var.

The 7.62×39mm round produces significant wounding in cases where the bullet tumbles (yaws) in tissue,[44] but produces relatively minor wounds in cases where the bullet exits before beginning to yaw. The US Army's Ballistic Research Laboratory measured a ballistic coefficient (G7 BC) of 0.168 and form factor (G7 i) of 0.929 for the 7N6(M) projectile, which indicates good aerodynamic efficiency and external ballistic performance for the bullet diameter. The single-shot hit-probability on the NATO E-type Silhouette Target (a human upper body half and head silhouette) of the AK-47 and the later developed AK-74, M16A1 and M16A2 rifles were measured by the US military under ideal proving ground conditions in the 1980s as follows: The following table represents the Russian method for determining accuracy, which is far more complex than Western methods. This simplified the design and production of the rifle. [98] An AK can fire a 10-shot group of 5.9 in (15 cm) at 100 m (109 yd),[99] and 17.5 in (44 cm) at 300 m (328 yd)[98] The newer stamped-steel receiver AKM models, while more rugged and less prone to metal fatigue, are actually less accurate than the forged/milled receivers of their predecessors: the milled AK-47s are capable of shooting 3 to 5 in (8 to 13 cm) groups at 100 yd (91 m), whereas the stamped AKMs are capable of shooting 4 to 6 in (10 to 15 cm) groups at 100 yd (91 m). Enjoy the customization options of the AR and AK platforms in the form of a handgun with our collection of AR-15 pistols and AK-47 pistols. [8], Early steel AK-47 magazines are 9.75 in (248 mm) long; the later ribbed steel AKM and newer plastic 7.62×39mm magazines are about 1 in (25 mm) shorter.[61][62].

United States The current issue steel-reinforced matte true black nonreflective surface finished 7.62×39mm 30-round magazines, fabricated from ABS plastic weigh 0.25 kg (0.55 lb) empty. This dramatically reduces the overall diameter of the groups. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Even after more than seven decades, the model and its variants remain the most popular and widely used rifles in the world because of: their reliability under harsh conditions, low production cost compared to contemporary Western weapons, availability in virtually every geographic region, and ease of use. The maximum effective range is approximately 150 meters. "[21] Kalashnikov's team had access to these weapons and had no need to "reinvent the wheel". Since then, the AK rifle has expanded into a wide range of AK style rifles manufactured by some of today’s top manufacturers. Copyright © 2020 KVAR. )), InterOrdnance: AKM247 (AKM var.) ", "EDC for CCW: Boker Kalashnikov Anniversary Knife", "AK-47 Museum: Homage to the Gun That Won the East", "30ft-high statue of Mikhail Kalashnikov unveiled in Moscow", "Burst of Pride for a Staccato Executioner: AK-47", "A History of Ireland in 100 Objects: Decommissioned AK-47 assault rifle, 2005", "Narcocorridos: The Songs of Mexico's Drug War", "How did the AK-47 become the most abundant weapon on earth? A U.S. Army M.P inspects a Chinese AK-47 recovered in Vietnam, 1968, AK-47s of the PAIGC-liberation movement, ready to be transported from Senegal to Guinea-Bissau, 1973, A Soviet Spetsnaz (special operations) group prepares for a mission in Afghanistan, 1988, During the Soviet–Afghan War in the 1980s, several sources simultaneously armed both sides of the Afghan conflict, filling the country with AK-47s and their derivatives.

After ignition of the cartridge primer and propellant, rapidly expanding propellant gases are diverted into the gas cylinder above the barrel through a vent near the muzzle.

The milled lightening cut on the sides is slanted to the barrel axis. Click Here To Enter. Further group members were: L. I. Bulavsky, B. They then use both the vertical and horizontal measurements of the reduced groups to measure accuracy. [162] In 2013 a decommissioned AK-47 was included in the A History of Ireland in 100 Objects collection. Explore our selection of AK style rifles today and contact our expert team with any questions. It is one of the weapons of choice of Mexican drug cartels.

[31][32] The Russian manufacturer Tula Arms Plant states that its Tula Ammunition cartridges comply with the 5.45×39mm C.I.P. The rounds are loaded to produce a maximal pressure of 290.00 MPa (42,061 psi). [161] It is also found in the coats of arms of East Timor, Zimbabwe and the revolution era Burkina Faso, as well as in the flags of Hezbollah, Syrian Resistance, FARC-EP, the New People's Army, TKP/TIKKO and the International Revolutionary People's Guerrilla Forces. [52] The reason for this is that under stress a soldier will push the selector lever down with considerable force bypassing the full-auto stage and setting the rifle to semi-auto. [8] It has a ballistic coefficient (G1 BC) of approximately 0.351 and (G7 BC) of approximately 0.176. [49] This change also reduces penetration in ballistic gelatin to ~25 in (64 cm) for the newer M67 round versus ~29 in (74 cm) for the older M43 round.

If you're interested in learning more about AK rifles, we have some great blog articles to answer your questions.

Barnaul states that their 5.45×39mm cartridges produce a maximal pressure of 294,2 MPa (41,054 psi) and have a bullet dispersion R100 of 25 mm (1.0 in) at a range of 100 m (109 yd), meaning every shot of a shot group will be within a circle of the mentioned diameter at 100 m (109 yd). (1) 30rd mag, Century Arms GP WASR10 AK47 Rifle 7.62x39mm Wood Stock (1) 30rd mag RI1805-N, Arsenal SAM7R-71P Milled 7.62x39 AK Rifle 16" barrel (1) 10rd mag Plum, Arsenal SAM7SF-84R Black AK47 Rifle w/ Arsenal PR-01 Quad Rail 7.62x39 16'' barrel Folding Stock (1) 10rd mag, CMMG MK47 Mutant T Rifle 7.62x39mm Black 16'' Barrel (1) 30rd mag 76AFC41, CMMG 76AFCD7 AKM Mutant Rifle 7.62x39mm 16'' Barrel (1) 30rd mag Black, Arsenal SAM7SF-84P 762x39 16" 10rd Folding Stock, Arsenal SAM7R-51 Milled AK47 7.62x39 Rifle 16.3'' barrel (1) 10rd mag, ARSENAL SLR104-54 AK Rifle 5.45x39mm Stamped Receiver & Metal Folding Stock, ARSENAL SAM7R-66 7.62X39 RIFLE QUAD RAIL SYSTEM 1-10RD, Yugo PAP M77 PS .308 with Synthetic Thumbhole Stock & Handguard (1) 5 RD Magazine, Century Arms N-PAP CA LEGAL AK47 7.62x39 Rifle 16" barrel w/ installed grip wrap (1) 10rd mag RI2087CA-N - FEATURELESS, ARSENAL SLR104-53 AK Rifle 5.45x39mm Stamped Receiver & Metal Folding Stock. Home > WEAPONS > 7.62 / 5.45 AK The ALL-NEW COMRADE sets the standard when it comes to premium AK weapon systems.

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