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Same structure, but with 48 trainees as opposed to 101. Sihyeon’s fact: Her final class In Produce 101 was changed from class F to class D. In Produce 48, she was changed from class B to A . – She has an older sister. Here you can see in individual pages every Music Video released by a certain group. MIA – JANUARY 13 2000 Discussion in 'K-POP' started by minahsempoi, Apr 1, 2019. Sihyeon-Orange Aisha’s pic, Yiren’s pic Aisha is Jiren’s best friend, and they both share a mutual distaste for fish.

– Aisha and Yiren are roommates. Onda: – She was the last member to be revealed. E:U who is the leader. She is known for her bunny teeth, strong work ethic and long neck, as well as her resemblence to Suzy; the maknae for miss A. Aisha’s first caught the public’s attention as a JYP trainee and as an impassioned performer, graduating from Hanlim Multi Arts School all the while taking dance lessons at Night Dance Institute.Preceeding that she had 11 years of formal training. While she did not capture the crown, her training paid dividends as she was eliminated in episode 11 after achieving  27th place in a significantly smaller pool of contestants. E:U introduced herself as the power Dancer of the group, mia is sucha dancer. Now if we see a 180cm idol, I’d be interested. Hospitals, thunderstorms, and the dark are amongst her publicly acknowledged distastes. Aisha graduated from the Hanlim Multi Arts School in Seoul, South Korea. Birth Name: Jo Serim (조세림) As a reference, the visual center is defined as the best looking member of the group, sometimes referred to solely as the visual. – Her role models are SNSD (especially Taeyeon) and Ariana Grande. She likes chocolate Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses cookies to guarantee its high functionality.

E:U: Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist Birth Name: Heo Yoorim (허유림) Even though Z-Girls might not be considered as K-Pop by most people, smh, Yiren doesn’t not like fish, just grilled fish, Oohhh… Thank you for your explainer, I’m curious about that, I hope you guys remove the “predebut” asterisk when you have the time, and add the group in the drop down for the girl groups banner, didn’t it say that Aisha was 180 or something in their showcase, She only introduced herself as a vocalist and not as part of the dance line, E:U, Mia,, SiHyeon, Please, can You help E:U? Birth Name: Park Jiwon (박지원) – Her stage name is inspired by ‘Asia’, meaning she’ll be an idol who’ll take over Asia. Blood Type: B – In the group, she’s best friends with Aisha. Position: Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist BTW there are 2 Jinsol, one from April and one from LOONA, for me she look like one of member blackpink, Many fans are saying that Aisha looks like a mix of Somi and Soojin from (g)-idle. – She was the third member to be revealed. Is it just me or does Yiren look a lot like Tzuyu from Twice?

She is a member of the girl group everglow. yah…, Sihyeon kind of looks like Momo from Twice. sihyeon can’t really tell if she looks like joy or suzy, in 101 she looked like joy in 48 she looked like suzy etc.. song hanhee and ki eun se, YENA AND YIREON WAS GOING TO BE MY BIAS BUT ONDA IS THERE, group photo, – She hates fish. -untwisting my arms I assume for the trailer. – Her nicknames are Yoom and Judy (from Zootopia). EVERGLOW is a 6-member girl group from Yuehua Entertainment. – Her favourite colour is purple. Mia likes bread, yoghurt, strawberry, pastel colours and cats, yes, that’s her stage name, but in hangeul it’s written 이런/yireon (or ireon if you want to get into specifics, but “yi” is pronounced “i” in mandarin as well), yes but in hangeul it should be written yireon ^^ pinyin and romanization don’t always line up and you’d sound like a fool if you tried to pronounce 人 as rehn, If that is indeed Yiren’s true height and weight then I am very worried about her health, she’s dangerously underweight , Yiren’s name is spelled wrong in the poll, Their debut is out!

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