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Cash Bundren is the oldest son of Anse and Addie. Even though Anse is often referenced as senseless, these actions actually show Anse as clever: He knows how to get what he wants. Visit to buy new and used textbooks, and check out our award-winning NOOK tablets and eReaders.

A seasoned doctor, Peabody approaches Addie’s situation with an objective, hard-nosed realism. Refresh and try again.

Leastways, we would have to like them. When he was born I knew that motherhood was invented by someone who had to have a word for it because the ones that had the children didn't care whether there was a word for it or not. After enduring the pain of a broken leg in a cement cast, Cash characteristically says, “It never bothered me much.” Addie looks at Vardaman, and dies.

Because he experienced the emotional abandonment from his mother the longest, he puts everyone else’s needs before his own, wanting to please his family, especially his mother. And like he would be kind of proud of whatever come up to make the moving or the setting still look hard. Anse is quite content to carry out the promise — not because it is a promise and not because of his respect or awe for the dead. Yet the wagon is, because when the wagon is was, Addie Bundren will not be. The As I Lay Dying quotes below are all either spoken by Addie Bundren or refer to Addie Bundren. It must have been like a piece of rotten cheese coming into an anti-hill, in that ramshackle wagon that Albert said folks were scared would fall all to pieces before they could get it out of town, with that home-made box and another fellow with a broken leg lying on a quilt on top of it, and the father and a little boy sitting on the seat and the marshal trying to make them get out of town. Quotes By William Faulkner. And I reckon they would be for man's good. Jewel hasn’t got a horse any more. Additionally, Peabody says that Addie is no more than But is seems hard that a man in his need could be so flouted by a road. there is a good chance she will be dead when he returns. Cora also gives her view of the Bundrens’ decision to bring Addie’s coffin to Jefferson so quickly and despite the challenges they faced. But peace is my heart: I know it is. I don't know what I am.

He focuses more on his needs than anything else. Once again, he is able to understand her emotions and explains how Addie Bundren blames her own treachery for causing Jewel’s deceptive ways. But I do not say it's a curse on me, because I have done no wrong to be cussed by. He was walking. this passage reveals the extent to which the characters themselves As I Lay Dying is She looks down at the face. ", "She looked pretty good. From our perspective, there is some irony It is like a casting of fading bronze upon the pillow, the hands alone still with any semblance of life: a curled, gnarled inertness; a spent yet alert quality from which weariness, exhaustion, travail had not yet departed, as though they doubted even yet the actuality of rest, guarding with horned and penurious alertness the cessation which they know cannot last.”, “I tried to do as she would wish it. ", "Life was created in the valleys.

Addie Bundren Quotes. their experiences along religious lines.

Visit to buy new and used textbooks, and check out our award-winning NOOK tablets and eReaders. She looks down at the face. Wagon or no wagon, she wouldn't wait. ", "We go on, with a motion so soporific, so dreamlike as to be uninferant of progress, as though time and not space were decreasing between us and it. By using our site you consent to our use of cookies. At the same time, Cora judges the poor care that Addie gets from her family, setting up the family’s dysfunction.

And when you are filled with sleep, you never were. As Addie Bundren’s section ends, she reveals the affair she had with an ordained minister, Whitfield, and how the experience only furthered her disillusionment of religion. And Jewel is, so Addie Bundren must be.

Jewel knows he is, because he does not know that he does not know whether he is or not. ", "Jewel came back. suggest that God is exercising judgment upon the Bundrens. Addie Bundren Quotes in As I Lay Dying. Sometimes I think it aint none of us pure crazy and aint none of us pure sane until the balance of us talks him that-a-way. Cash has a broken leg. and explanations provided by the Bible. And before you are emptied for sleep, what are you. When you purchase books using links on our website, Bookroo or its affiliates may receive a small commission (at no added cost to you). It would be nice if you could just ravel out into time”, “She wouldn't say what we both knew.

SparkNotes is brought to you by Barnes & Noble. Quotes Addie Bundren Quotes Maybe it will reveal her blindness to her, laying there at the mercy and the ministration of four men and a tom-boy girl. If I could just feel it, it would be different, because I would not be alone.

Behind us, above the house, motionless in tall and soaring circles, they diminish and disappear.

and bid her farewell before setting out on a short trip, even though

And when you are emptied for sleep you are not.

And so if I am not emptied yet, I am is.How often have I lain beneath rain on a strange roof, thinking of home. “I feel like a wet seed wild in the hot blind earth.”, “He had a word, too. She continues to share how Cash’s birth violated her independence more than anything she had ever experienced, clarifying that the word motherhood inadequately defines its reality.

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