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One “gotcha” to be aware of with new fonts: there is no “background” color option…you can set this value but it will be ignored. If you want to create new font sizes not included with the library, or adapt entirely new fonts, we have a command-line tool (in the “fontconvert” folder) for this. Building this tool requires the gcc compiler and FreeType library. For standard ASCII, this would be 127, indicating that the last visible character is the del character.

The resulting .h file can be copied to the Adafruit_GFX/Fonts folder, or you can import the file as a new tab in your Arduino sketch using the Sketch→Add File… command. More recent versions of the Adafruit GFX library offer the ability to use alternate fonts besides the one standard fixed-size and -spaced face that’s built in.

The Adafruit_GFX library can be installed using the Arduino Library Manager…this is the preferred and modern way. The background color feature is sometimes used with the “classic” font to overwrite old screen contents with new data. UPDATED LIBRARY: Adafruit_GFX brings FONTS! / For security reasons, an e-mail has been sent to you acknowledging your subscription. For these, you will need to determine the text extents and explicitly draw a filled rectangle before drawing the text. These last four values will then contain the upper-left corner and the width & height of the area covered by this text — these can then be passed directly as arguments to fillRect(). The bitmap data must be located in program memory using the PROGMEM directive.

If this happens, use fewer or smaller fonts, or use the standard built-in font. Most Linux distributions include both by default. Give your Raspberry Pi two microphones and speakers! If, for any reason, you would like to unsubscribe from the Notification List for this product you will find details of how to do so in the e-mail that has just been sent to you!

Or you can convert most any font you like.

You can place this character at any location and with any color. Color images require two bytes per pixel…for example, a 100x25 pixel image would need 100*25*2 = 5,000 bytes RAM.

CircuitPython BLE Libraries on Any Computer, Adafruit-SSD1331-OLED-Driver-Library-for-Arduino, this tutorial explains how to install and use Arduino libraries, installed the old-school Arduino library way, Download SdFat (Adafruit fork) Arduino library, A filename in “8.3” format (you shouldn’t. When rotating, the origin point (0,0) changes — the idea is that it should be arranged at the top-left of the display for the other graphics functions to make consistent sense (and match all the function descriptions above). If in the Fonts folder, use this syntax when #including the file: If a tab within your sketch, use this syntax: LCDs & Displays

CircuitPython BLE Libraries on Any Computer. To replace previously-drawn text when using a custom font, either: getTextBounds expects a string, a starting cursor X&Y position (the current cursor position will not be altered), and addresses of two signed and two unsigned 16-bit integers. Not wanting to break compatibility with existing code, the “classic” font continues to behave as before.

The included fonts are in a bitmap format, not scalable vectors, as it needs to work within the limitations of a small microcontroller. Arduino Mega or any 32-bit board should manage fine.

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Then the .h filename and font structure name can match. Several alternate fonts are included, plus there’s the ability to add new ones. Each accepts an X, Y pair for the top-left corner of the rectangle, a width and height (in pixels), and a color.

The test program supplied with the library works fine out of the box displaying text and all kind of drawings on the screen.

Type “gfx” in the search field to find it quickly: While you’re there, also look for and install the Adafruit_BusIO library (or…newer Arduino IDE versions install this dependency automatically).

It appears blocky at larger sizes because we only ship the library with a single simple font, to save space. Most other attributes that previously worked with the built-in font (color, size, etc.) For example, whereas the cursor position when printing with the classic font identified the top-left corner of the character cell, with new fonts the cursor position indicates the baseline — the bottom-most row — of subsequent text.

After setting everything up, you can use print() or println() — just like you do with Serial printing! See the “Using Fonts” page for additional text features in the latest GFX library.

size=2 will render the text at 10x16 pixels per character). OLED. The following libraries now operate in this manner: The libraries are written in C++ for Arduino but could easily be ported to any microcontroller by rewriting the low-level pin access functions. The first, first, provides the ASCII character code of the first visible character. Each begins with an X, Y, width and height (just like normal rectangles), then there’s a corner radius (in pixels) and finally the color value: Here’s an added bonus trick: because the circle functions are always drawn relative to a center pixel, the resulting circle diameter will always be an odd number of pixels. The display object where the image will be drawn (e.g. Above we see it being used with the Adafruit_ILI9341 display library required of certain shields, FeatherWings or breakout boards. This is a finite resource (about 32K max on an Arduino Uno for font data and all of your sketch code), so choose carefully. followed by the style (“Bold”, “Oblique”, none, etc. The rotation parameter can be 0, 1, 2 or 3.

Create a website or blog at It’s a little blocky but having just a single font helps keep the program size down. This introduces another ImageReader function plus a new object type, Adafruit_Image: This returns an ImageReturnCode as previously described. But since everyone keeps the setting, a certain font at 20 points is going to take up the same number of pixels on a lot of devices.

Note the bitmap with the character shape may be either larger or smaller than the area the character occupies; for example, the period character (‘.’) may be a single 1×1 bitmap, even though the font itself is significantly taller and the printed character significantly wider.

Text is very flexible but operates a bit differently.

For SD card use, these two globals are declared: For a flash filesystem, there are some special declarations made that help us locate the flash device on different Express boards, then declare three globals: The “reader” object will be used to access the image-loading functions later. A filename, same rules as the previous functions. If an even-sized circle is required (which would place the center point between pixels), this can be achieved using one of the rounded rectangle functions: pass an identical width and height that are even values, and a corner radius that’s exactly half this value. Small images…those that can fit entirely in RAM…can be loaded once and used repeatedly. Rotation value 2 is also a portrait mode, with the USB jack at the bottom left. For example: Each font takes up a bit of program space; larger fonts typically require more room. The syntax for using this library (and the separate installation above) are admittedly a bit peculiar…it’s a side-effect of the way Arduino handles libraries. character-drawing function just isn’t set up to render that way (it would be prohibitive in both memory and speed on AVRs, which are still supported by the library). Some displays may physically be capable of more or fewer bits than this, but the library operates with 16-bit values…these are easy for the Arduino to work with while also providing a consistent data type across all the different displays.

That either/or setup required some extra steps but it’s all smooth sailing now…. Or you can convert most any font you like. The value bitmapOffset gives the offset within a byte array defined in the bitmap, and represents the byte offset to the character’s bitmap. Initially this is set to (0,0) (the top-left corner of the screen). Then…we declare a display object (called “tft” in most of the examples) the usual way…for example, with the 2.8 inch TFT touch shield for Arduino, it’s: That all takes place in the global variable section, even before the setup() function. If this happens, use fewer or smaller fonts, or use the standard built-in font.

The Adafruit_Image object “understands” a bit about the image that’s been loaded and will call the appropriate bitmap-rendering function automatically, you won’t have to handle each separate case on your own.

The remainder of this tutorial covers the common graphics functions that work the same regardless of the display type.

Nearly all our displays that work with GFX (for example, any of the OLED displays, or the 2.8″ TFT shown here) gain this new feature. Graphic LCDs

/ "The cheapest, fastest, and most reliable components are those that aren't there". Coordinates are always expressed in pixel units; there is no implicit scale to a real-world measure like millimeters or inches, and the size of a displayed graphic will be a function of that specific display’s dot pitch or pixel density.

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