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Now that generation is dead and there are no rifle clubs that kids these days can go to because they’ve all been shut down after the government has made it almost impossible to continue operation due to the restrictions. 1 2 3. With a design team hand picked and mentored by Walls, some of the finest machining equipment in the industry and the international military and civilian market’s attention, they have an enormous task to prove that they “Make the best sniper rifle in the world”. For example, I’ve been designing a new bipod and I’ve been told that customers would like the bipod to lock solid, but I would say it’s better to have a certain amount of movement. I managed the production, programming and running the machines along with my son who had recently done a CNC programming course at college. I can be reached at [email protected], sold the company, retaining 10% of the shares and then still worked for the new owners up to his death, Dave Caig continued to work for the company up to the time of bankruptcy and was one of the new owners up to the time he retired around 2008.

Alas, in 2005 AI declared bankruptcy. Accuracy International, Incorporated - Britain, Australia; Bangladesh; Belgium; Bostwana; Belgium; Czech Republic; France; Greece; Hong Kong; India; Iraq; Ireland; Italy; Latvia; Lithuania; Macedonia; Malaysia; Netherlands; Norway; New Zealand; Pakistan; Peru; Portugal; Romania; Russia; Sierra Leone; Singapore; Sri Lanka; Spain; Sweden; United Kingdom; United States, Turn-bolt Manually-Actuated Bolt-Action System, 2,790 feet-per-second (850 meters-per-second). Mag., .338 Lapua. Various bolt housing groups in line for further finishing and assembly. We submitted our trial rifle and surprisingly enough the army actually quite liked it. Swedish Psg 90, Accuracy International is a British firearms manufacturer based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. It was undefeated in battle and earned its nickname during the War of 1812, when British cannonballs bounced off its wooden hull. Accuracy International went into liquidation in 2005, and was bought by a British consortium including the original design team of Dave Walls and Dave Caig.

Says Walls, “Take the thumb hole stock, we went with it because it forces a shooter to be in the correct shooting position of being inline with the rifle….. the flat bottom design of the stock is intended for benchrest, so the rifles recoil is forced along a straight motion”.

Most sniper rifles up to the 1980s were initially designed as hunting or military rifles and later converted or redesigned to become sniper rifles.

But contracts to SOCOM and the British MoD are not small time in the least.

These will be individually examined and inspected, if standards don’t come par with Accuracy International’s, they are sent back. AI AW Police Between the mid 1980s to the mid 1990s, there really wasn’t much of a central factory apart from the meager facilities in Portsmouth. Notice the modularity of all the external parts on the chassis. .338 Lapua (factory fitted) / .300 Win mag / .308 Win, 6.8Kg (15lb) with standard rail setup, empty magazine, no scope, 27” barrel, tactical muzzle brake). I had a mortgage, a wife and two kids, but I have never ever had a reason to look back. It works well. It was the same with articles, magazines and advertising.

Newer versions of Accuracy International rifles including the AX, AT (Accuracy Tactical), and AXMC (AX Multi-Calibre) feature a switch-barrel system that allow the user to change out the barrel with only the use of a 4mm hex wrench, allowing field barrel changes in under a minute. A few years later at a three positional rifle shoot we met up with Malcolm Cooper, at the time he was one of the best shots in the UK, and later became a twice Olympic Gold medalist and world champion. The company threatened to sue him if he did that, to which he replied that they could sue him all they wanted, but he had a contract to fulfill and needed those exact bipods that were specified on the contract. The U.S.S Constitution is the world’s oldest commissioned warship afloat. Watch Queue Queue Top right, standard and original L96 sniper rifle.

Then it went from 8 to 5 and we were still there again.

The other person remains as a shareholder but is no longer involved in the management of the company.

The work demand grew so much that we could no longer continue to operate during our lunch breaks, as the demand was too great, this progressed into us buying our own machinery to install in my garden shed. The items shown on this website are subject to the United Kingdom’s export control regime, as set out in the Export Control Act 2002 and the subsequent Export Control Order of 2008 (as amended). AI AW50 (.50 BMG) When the company was fragmented, it had to send its barrels into the London Proof House to be proofed.

Another advantage of a square action body is bonding it on to the chassis.

German G22 .300 Winchester Magnum rifle on display. SADJ: So how does this affect the management of the company? Dave Caig was also a club and county shooter and represented Scotland. We didn’t expect to win it but what I expected to get out of it was a new product, and that’s what we’ve got.

As it keeps the action from moving away from zero (determined by the alignment of the scope to the rifle bore rather than the alignment of the action to the stock) the accuracy of the rifle is very high.

FN Herstal, Beretta, Sig Sauer, and Hecklor & Koch make our M9s, M16s, M249s, and M27s. When we won the British MOD contract, which became the L115A3, we said, “We are going to win this and we are not going to let anyone take this contract.” We’re not going to let some overseas company come into the UK with this. This machine is using electricity going through a wire and cutting the receiver to the correct specification shape. It didn’t take long before other club members noticed that we had done modifications to make our guns shoot well. When I was young and in my teens, I would go down to my rifle club and those old guys on the range would teach me the finer points of rifle shooting.

The testing room they occupy literally turns into a sub division of the Proof House for time they are proofing guns, along with all their official jurisdictions. We’ve got 10 people, including myself, and 4,000 square feet in the U.S. Constitution Museum is actively pursuing its mission in tough times by acquiring these documents that shed light on previously unknown aspects of the construction, outfitting, and first movements of U.S.S. They only kept two machines and these were to make stock sides and sold all the other machinery. Mag. In a way, the boss was right, even today Accuracy International employs only around 70 people at both it’s facilities.

Tom: Yes, I was mostly in the States but then I got involved over here, always on the selling/sales side. Scores of new machines were bought, and today most of the rifle is made in house. There were four of us that literally split responsibilities and then Dave Caig retired so we bought back his shares. The latest in a long and distinguished line of combat proven sniper rifles, the multi calibre AXMC is supplied configured as a .338 Lap Mag which can be repurposed to .300 Win Mag or.308 Win in minutes simply by changing the barrel, bolt and magazine/insert.

Dave Caig and I formed a mutual agreement to do repairs and re-barreling for him, as we did for several other gun shops.

Torey Krug understands that the label will be hard to shed. Malcolm said, “I’ll get you any gun you want, if you want to have a look and see if you can get any ideas from them.” He produced about 8 rifles and I discarded about 5 of them. Before long we were repairing guns for shooters all over Sussex, Hampshire, Essex and other neighboring counties in the UK. This allowed them to come up with an optional design to fit all sizes of shooters. By MARK PRATT Associated Press. In 2000, after over 15 years of production, the company only had 2 CNC machines, one of which didn’t even work and the other one was making front sight posts.

With AI's patented KeySlot™ system, sections of STANAG 4694/Mil-Std 1913 accessory rail can be attached anywhere on the fore-end,so rail mountable equipment can be positioned with complete flexibility. Please feel free to get in touch with me about something I can add to a post, an error I’ve made, or if you just want to talk guns. I designed the magazine port in the underside of the action body around this magazine and it seemed to work quite well. The UK government announced in March 2008 the award of an £11 million contract to produce rifles for the British Army.[4]. But not locked you can just twisted the gun back to position, unfortunately people are saying it has to be locked. My boss at that time told me that he couldn’t find anyone skilled enough at form grinding but he could replace a toolmaker more easily. We are not going to be catching up; others will catch up with us.

Around the world, with military government contracts, there are contractual requirements, which include penalty clauses, and bonds, which the prior management would not enter into. Answer. After the trails on these weapons were made an order was placed for 42 rifles with aluminum chassis’ with a wood covering this was the predecessor to the later developed L96A1.

We worked through lunch breaks and after work to make the parts needed to repair other club member’s rifles. “The U.S.S. SADJ also got a chance to sit down and talk with Dave Walls and Tom Irwin about the company’s history and future. Africa Aerospace & Defence – Centurion, South Africa, Defense Services Asia – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, B&T Police Equipment Show – Thun, Switzerland, MSPO 2020 The 28th International Defence Industry Exhibition now held in Kielce, Poland, LAAD 2017 WILL BRING TOGETHER INDUSTRY EXPERTS, COMPANIES AND PUBLIC & PRIVATE SECTOR AUTHORITIES IN RIO DE JANEIRO, STRATEGIC ARMORY CORPS LAUNCHES NEXUS AMMUNITION, Armament Technology celebrates 10th Anniversary of the ELCAN Specter® DR 1-4 x dual role sight at SHOT Show 2016, AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE FORCE SELECTS TEAM WENDY® EXFIL® BALLISTIC HELMET, SCOUT SNIPER MOUNT AWARDED TO LARUE TACTICAL, Lockheed Martin Precision Munitions Complete Reliability Tests, Armalite Launches “Get Some Ammo” Sales Promotion, ← Press Release: Lockheed Martin GMLRS Alternative Warhead Gets First Order. The company expanded and we started purchasing machines. (USS Constitution Museum via AP). Following on from this after the Falklands War the British infantry got interested in tendering for a new sniper rifle. Posted October 6, 2014 in Companies, Other Gear & Gadgets, Reviews, Rifles by Miles with 13 CommentsTags: Accuracy International, Ammunition, factory tour, L96, military, PSR contract, rifles, sniper rifle.

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