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The Maltings, Mittagong || The aim of today was to reach the very top of the second building, and that we did! #parramatta #gaol #parramattagaolghosttours #jail #graffiti #creepy #ghosts, #urbanexploration #urbex #urbanex #abandonedplaces #abandoned #graffiti #balmainleaguesclub, - - - - - - - #balmain #balmainleaguesclub #sydney #sydcity #leaguesclub #abandonedplaces #abandoned #abandonedaustralia #abandonedaus #lefttorotaway, Australia.


$('#metaslider_50542 .msHtmlOverlay .layer[data-link], #metaslider_50542 .msHtmlOverlay[data-link]').each(function() { Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. It was spooky getting around in this place, I was happy to be able to capture this, but equally happy to get out of there! Some quarantines made it out safe and sound, but the unlucky ones were left to die from their horrible sickness. Hell no, vibe I got was stay the hell away, Who wants to come and see these places with me. This is a place which is loved by a lot of people attracting a lot of tourists from around the world. A new psychiatric hospital was built elsewhere and this site was left empty. Isn’t it! The girls attending the reformatory on site were said to be abused, treated appallingly, and neglected. Or, if you prefer the hair standing on the back of your neck, book into a Haunted History Night Tour and get your spook on!

What was it about tuberculosis clinic that you enjoyed so much? if( !

orig_width: 300 It found all the ways. Apparently it is haunted.Heard stories of shadow people and orbs. On a lighter note, urbex exploring can be so much fun, I find it fascinating visiting structures now laid bare, slowly being reclaimed by nature, haunted by memories. A lot of people died here in the railway station because they were not allowed to enter to the town. Central Stations’ Platform 26 and 27 are usually closed to the public but are opened on the rare occasion for tours. I’ve been to the Quarantine Station and as creepy as it is, it’s not that bad, One place you have forgotten parramatta gaol have worked there and a lot of strange unexplained things happen there weekly was opened in the late 1800s. Despite it's heritage listing, it was boarded up and abandoned shortly after this private sale and remained empty for over 30 years as ivy slowly grew all over the building.

How about a creepy church, a sinister street, an awful asylum, a spooky sickbay, and a terrifying tunnel?

North Head Quarantine Station, NSW . Unknown 28 September 2016 at 06:04. The park is not always open right now. : From 1978 to 1994, the organisation Youth With A Mission used the building as a base until they vacated the site. Required fields are marked *. It was in the form of an old lady and it vanished into thin air right before our eyes. People who came through this station often had contagious diseases like typhoid, smallpox, and bubonic plague. I love it, The Q station is not scary AT ALL. The ghostly spirits of the two boys reputedly still play together at the mansion now owned by the local golf club, reminding visitors of the opulent home’s haunted past.

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