News: 45 colt primers

It can push bullets of similar weight, albeit at a higher pressure and with a bit more recoil.

I have some quantity of Ruger single actions all setup with the long hunter spring kits and no real action work.

The quality of starline brass 45 Colt is great it loads easily cleans quickly and is durable as with all starline brass I have used it runs throught my progressive loader great. Famed lawman Bat Masterson ordered a Colt .45 directly from Samuel Colt. There simply is not much that cannot be accomplished with the 45 Colt. I have used many different loads in them and never had a case go bad on me yet.

These modern projectiles have mono-metal construction and use a deep hollow-point for rapid expansion. Due to the price of primers, warning shots will no longer be given! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There have been many modern upgrades to ammunition for the older wheelguns and lever-action rifles in the past decade, and the .45 Colt is no exception.

Yes, Winchester Large Pistol primers are for Standard or Magnum loads. If you start at the lower end of the scale there will be some unburned powder, but you can reduce that by using magnum primers, as they burn a little hotter than the standard ones. Using 45C brass for over a decade and never the slightest negative. The .45 Colt and the SAA revolver quickly became legends in their own time, and the most popular handgun/cartridge combination on the Western frontier. Vintage Boxes - Gear, Shell, Case, Primer, Group Buys Design, Active , Waiting and Archives, Closed Buys/Waiting for delivery/in shipment, If this is your first visit, be sure to SASS Regulator. I feel your pain in the magnum primer availability saga. The .45 Colt epitomizes that idea for me, and I’m happy to have carried one for more than a decade. I shoot cowboy comp. According to Hodgdon's tables Universal at 900 fps is pretty close to the maximum load they recommend for 230 gr 45 Colt. 45 Colt/CCI 350 magnum primers/unique I have a brick of cci 350 mag primers that I need to use up and my go to load for the 45 colt is 8.0 unique under a 255 grain cast boolit with wlp. . I'd test the Winchester brass rounds in the chamber after loading and the head clearances were also wrong and would bind up the cylinder. Its not on Hodgons website anymore. Just picked up a 100 cases from Midway to load for a 45 colt Bisley that`s on order. :). CAN ONLY SAY "KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!".

Definetly recommend to people wanting a great quality product! Then again, the loads I make are nowhere near SAAMI pressures either. I also use Starline in 44 Mag. I love the historically ignorant comments about there being no 45 Long Colt. Starline is my first and Federal is my second.As far as durability they are similar, the price is a substantial difference.

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