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User Ratings Rest everything is worth your time! Sure, the subject is a welcome change from the soap operas on the small screen, but the first episode leaves you yearning for more. ( Log Out /  Very nicely directed and realistic play. The production house has won multiple awards for the show in various categories including Best Teleplay, Special-Visual Effects for Television, Art Direction (Fiction) and Background Music (Fiction). The cast was fantastic, every actor justified their characters, specially Mohit Raina, I had tears in my eyes in the last episode. It was a pleasure telling a story of such importance and creating something at this scale. They call the Battle of Saragarhi one of the greatest last stands in military history: 21 Sikh soldiers held fort against more than 10,000 rampaging tribesmen for over six hours. Do yourself a favor and watch this masterpiece. The decent list of villains of 21 Sarfaosh also includes Henry Mayne played by gifted Danny Sura. Actor Mukul Dev, who has been roped in to play a tribal Afghan leader named Gul Badshah in “21 Sarfarosh: Saragarhi 1897”, says he has been exposed to the Afghan culture since his childhood. Having wowed audiences on television, the show is now streaming on online streaming giant Netflix. Ananya Panday to endorse Vega

Best series to watch .. wake up your patriotism, Great series and better than Kesari movie, Bad Direction and Screenplay; Distorted Historical facts, BEST OF INDIAN TV SHOWS/TV SERIES/WEB SERIES OF ALL TIME (Hindi/English). 19 hours ago, ‘We will counter shrillness with intensity, noise with depth & breadth’

Respecting the sincere effort being made, please DO NOT COPY or reproduce any article/content without the required permissions. For past few monhs I have been watching a lot of series that involve crime, voilence, politics etc. Download the new mid-day Android and iOS apps to get updates on all the latest and trending stories on the go, Sign up for all the latest news, top galleries and trending videos from, Chhalaang: Rajkummar, Nushrratt reveal what they were like in school and much more. But along that I am really amazed as a producer from Punjabi Cinema is still confident and interested in making his own version of Battle of Saragarhi with all the Pollywood singers-cum-stars. Digital Review: ‘JL50’ (SonyLIV) Thirdly 21 SARFAROSH works because of its perfect casting of 21 Sikhs and the British officers too who never look like awkward or the weakest feature of the film (as normally seen in the projects featuring similar British characters). This character will certainly haunt your nightmares. Cheers!

1 day ago, Republic Bharat editor Shamsher Singh quits And that too after watching Kesari movie. "Take movies, music, poetry out of life & its gone! Well done!! Every Indian must watch this. To have your main character engage the audience 100% right from the first frame, you have to choose the best and that is exactly what they did when they gave the role of Ishar Singh to the immensely talented Mohit Raina who has already left an everlasting impression on the minds of Indian audiences with ‘Devon Ke Dev Mahadev’. LTD. B-20, SECTOR 57 NOIDA (U.P), 25000+ Industry Leaders already read it everyday. 0. He has made the character such that is almost impossible to feel anything but dislike towards him.

Mohit Raina: Did you know the TV heartthrob weighed 107 kg before entering glam world? 21 Sarfarosh: Saragarhi 1897 2018 TV-14 1 Season Indian TV Shows In one of history's greatest last stands, a battalion of 21 Sikh soldiers fights to defend their outpost from attack by over 10,000 Afghans.

What's wrong with it - everything else; direction, screenplay, graphics, accuracy of depicting facts! Listing the merits first, 21 SARFAROSH’s biggest praise is that it doesn’t play the religion card at all even in its long 65 episodes.

0. I didn't want to see any TV series with so many episodes but. presented as a fantasist obsessed with Ishar, Vikram’s Balwinder Singh immediately throws subtlety to the wind and gives us a glimpse of what could happen if there was no screening test for enrollment in armed forces. ... supporting actors....Must Watch Series!! To begin with, this show is reminiscent of the times when mythologicals like Ramayana and Mahabharata used to air and the time slots saw Indian families glued to their TV sets. It is the perfect show made till date. Like most good art, this show will be best appreciated by viewers who are willing to meet it halfway. The story well portrayed. Have a great day and enjoy the world of movies, music and poetry with BTC. ( Log Out /  Only on acting, the show scores well. The British Parliament had even halted their session mid-way to give a standing ovation to the martyred in September 1897 with British monarch praising the fallen heroes and saying: “It is no exaggeration to record that the armies which possess the valiant Sikhs cannot face defeat in war.”. Showbiz. ( Log Out /  And I said, Anyway the meeting didn’t work and after a few years I heard more than one known Bollywood filmmakers finding it worth trying together, repeating the same mess we earlier witnessed as multiple bio-pics made on the life of, The first news we got about not one but two films being made on the same subject of, Now at this very time we suddenly got the news of. 65 episodes! However the best moments of the show are always rooted in the scenes in which their camaraderie is shown; at dining hall and the bathing place to be precise. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our, First Published: 14 February, 2018 12:00 IST.

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