News: 1978 ford quadravan


Already installed rebuilt automatic transmission with zero miles and 460 engine with 80,000 miles from wrecking yard, ll bolted up.

Car is located Somerset Calif, lose to Placerville.

A local British Columbia company produces the Clydesdale Conversion for GM and Ford I believe, and has been around since the ’80’s at least. I don’t know the numbers, but suspect the CG height isn’t as bad as one would think. MSD high, energy ignition, rebuilt Holley carburetor, new exhaust.

I think I was more worried about the quadravan 4x4 parts since they went out of business. Had alate 60’s GMC Handivan, and believe me 2wd vans are worthless in snow, ice, or just plain wet roads. Parts specific to them are getting hard to find.

. Visit our FAQ to jumpstart your journey! They bring a hefty premium over the RWD stock van.

This 1974 Ford Econoline E-300 Quadravan is a very rare 4×4 version typically only seen in long wheelbase form. Just a little warning. Would be cheaper and better on mpg too. This one does not fit into that category.

Third time trying to post this… hopefully this is the charm!

FYI, I believe Quigley also sells dealer orderable 4wd Nissan conversions as well as the Transit. Due to the low mileage created by the limited use, some of these may have remained in a fleet much longer than normal for a government vehicle. Nice van and it'd make an awesome mystery machine, but mpg and not to say old=p.o.s but with something that old on a long trip I'd be worried about the gaskets more than throwing a rod. American Brands: AMC, Jeep and All Others, Tractors, Lawn Mowers, Off-Road Equipment, Neighborhood Outtake: Ford Econoline 4×4 Quadravan – Conversion Van x2, Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Dodge A100 and L600 Hanging Out Together. CALIF VAN-STARTS,RUNS,DRIVES,SHIFTS GREAT!

I think there have been several companies that converted full-size vans into 4WD besides this one though. Will have to research this. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I can’t remember whether any of them had raised roofs as I was never an ambulance driver. Curbside Review: 2020 Subaru Outback Onyx Edition XT – The Boost Is Back, Baby! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. That was the name on some in that time frame.

I’m not sure about the fiberglass top, interior and paint.

I don’t think his was 4 wheel drive though. I did use it for quite a while Gorilla taped together until I found a suitable replacement. Incredible project for someone with the time. I would expect that a 460 V8 is quite likely hiding under the Econoline’s stubby hood. My BIG mistake? When the old folks were cruising down US 27 in Florida, the appearance of this thing in their mirrors gave them something to think about. He’d dig it, I sure do.

I should’ve gone for the Crown Vic I was looking at instead of the crappy Taurus.

Interior needs cleaning, ut fairly good otherwise. In my world the 2wd versions were awesome highway cruisers.

Needless to say, these still have a pretty strong following, and it’s undoubtedly worth a whole lot more than if it were just a 2WD Econoline from this vintage. This van has real fixer-up potential.

How about Class A motorhomes, converted for off-road ? There’s not many 1980-1982 vintage RVs out there, except maybe some very small and relatively efficient ones. Both vehicles also sold in large quantities so they could easily be stand alone and optimized for their specific needs. You're looking for trouble with a carbureted vehicle, unless you are a muscle car person or have extensive knowledge of carburetors. I have looked into converting my old Winnebago D27 ? I am also thinking that a 4x4 might not be necessary for that, and I could get along just fine with a newer chevy cargo van. MSD high. GM did sell an AWD version of the current-gen full-size vans, not sure if they still do, though these weren’t raised much if at all and weren’t intended for off-road use. Just needs hoses, adiator, ranny lines, acume lines, rackets & pumps, einstalled.

Had a large branch not shattered the top I’d probably kept using it. And that’s a remarkable feat for a Ford considering they’ve built some pretty crappy cars, but not their trucks and vans. Paint is rough with. As pool vehicles, they weren’t particularly well maintained, but they also rarely – if ever – saw salt and didn’t go many miles. Curbside Classic: 1947 Chevrolet Stylemaster – What’s New Became Old; Now It’s New Again. Copyright 2011 - 2020 Curbside Classics., Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

Just needs hoses, adiator, ranny lines, acume lines, rackets & pumps, einstalled. The environmental firm I once worked for bought a new ’82 4WD Dodge van for field work.

Yeah, good point about the long trips point. 84K, 460 big block, C6 transmission, Dana 60 rear end.

In The 1990’s, Ford had the VPN127 project that was envisioned to support both an F-Series and Econoline off the same platform. I have a 1978 Ford Pathfinder Quadravan.. Has anyone out there seen a Big Old RV 4X4 ? The reviews and sales of the Transit seem to indicate the opposite. Like all Quadravans, this short wheelbase example started life as a standard heavy duty one-ton Econoline, but was then sent to an outside supplier where a factory-sanctioned conversion was carried out. What in particular did you not like about the Transit that the E-Series did better?

It’s too bad that Ford cancelled their E Series vans for light duty use.

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